SDSC Service Retirement, 9/20/2011, SDSC Exchange/AD Services

On September 20th, 2011 at 5:00pm SDSC will be retiring the SDSC Exchange server and the SDSC Domain controllers. This is the final step required to complete our user migration to UCSD AD services.

Prior to this date our IT Staff will update all user’s forward file entries and alias entries that forward to ‘user@ad.sdsc.edu‘ to ensure mail that is currently forwarding through the SDSC Exchange server is forwarded directly to the appropriate mailbox on the UCSD Exchange server, or locally to postal.sdsc.edu when appropriate.

If you would prefer to update your own forwarding, by editing your .forward or .procmailrc file, please notify SDSC IT Support by 5:00pm 9/13/2011 via email to support@sdsc.edu. They can provide you with the correct settings needed to ensure your mail is properly routed. This change must be completed prior to 5pm on 9/20/2011 if you elect to make your own update.

If you have not been migrated from the SDSC Exchange server to the UCSD Exchange Server our Support team will be contacting you soon to schedule your migration, or you may contact them at support@sdsc.edu or 858-534-8334.

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