SDSC PM Notification, 5:00-5:30pm 9/26/2011, sc-samba.ad.ucsd.edu

SDSC Staff:

Maintenance will be performed tonight, 26 Sept 2011 between 5-5:30pm on ‘sc-samba.ad.ucsd.edu’. This is to correct a connection issue with non-Windows clients.

Please close all ‘sc-samba.ad.ucsd.edu’ before 5pm to avoid losing any in progress work. During this maintenance the samba service will be unavailable, and we will notify you once the system is back online.

Status will be updated on our off-site status page, http://status.sdsc.edu. If you are still experiencing any problems after the maintenance is complete please contact SDSC operations at 858-534-5090 or operations@sdsc.edu. SDSC Operations staff are available 24/7 to assist you and can route your issue to the appropriate support team.

Thank you,

Andrew Ferbert
UNIX Platform Manager, SDSC

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