SDSC Emergency Maintenance, 11/28/11, 2:10pm, /Archive Filesystems,

Dear colleagues,
The system “zeno.sds=
c.edu” which serves as the data login for SAM QFS is currently undergo=
ing emergency maintenance.  Users may still access these filesystems v=
ia the alternate server “archive0.sdsc.edu”.   SAM
QFS NFS shares are unaffected.
Affected FS:
We will provide an update=
as soon as more information is available.  If you are still experiencing probl=
ems after notification of a problem resolution
please contact SDSC Operations at (858)534-5090 or
operations@sdsc.edu.  SDSC
Operations staff are available 24/7 to assist you and can route your issue=
to the appropriate people.
Thank you,
Matthew Kullberg

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