Unplanned Outage – Windows VM – 6 August 2013, 6:50am-9:15am

(Updated with revised outage times and affected systems)
Title: Unplanned Outage – Windows VM – 6 August 2013, 6:50-9:15am
Description: At approximately 7:00 am on Tuesday, 6 August 2013, a server and storage serving Windows VMs lost power. SDSC staff is working to restore service at this time.

Services impacted:
Systems : Bigonc, ciee1, ciee2, grunwald12, healthware2, irpsmail12, nlp-production, nlp-twitter, oldglobe, sccan, sc-commserve2, sc-lync, sc-osi-abacus, sc-osi-AF-2, sc-osi-network, sc-osi-terminal, sc-osi-webparts2, sc-pa, sc-sp2010-app2, zhonglab
SDSC Citrix
SDSC Sharepoint search and office web apps
Date: 2013-08-06

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