SDSC Outage Notification – VMWare – 4 Nov 2014, 19:00

Title: SDSC Outage Notification – VMWare – 4 Nov 2014, 19:00
Update: 5 Nov 2014, 01:35 All services have been restored. Please contact SDSC support with any questions or concerns.

Update: 5 Nov 2014, 01:20 Citrix, Sharepoint and Printing services have been restored.
Update: 5 Nov 2014, 01:15 Commvault services have been restored. Linux guests are online.
Update: 4 Nov 2014, 23:01 Services which are offline include, but are not limited to:
SDSC Print Services
Linux guests (Brain Observatory, HLI-Aspera, NSG Development)

Update: 4 Nov 2014, 22:42 Storage engineers are contacting vendor technical support. Currently the array is in a faulted state. SDSC is powering off VM guests which respond to ping but are otherwise unresponsive.
Update: 4 Nov 2014, 21:13 Storage engineers are working to repair a failed controller on the disk arrays.
Description: Engineers are investigating sporadic network problems to VMWare resources.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2014-11-04

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