SDSC Planned Maintenance – Webmail – 9 Dec 2015, 09:00

This Wednesday, December 9, at 9:00 AM the web server providing SDSC
webmail will be moved to https://webmail.sdsc.edu/ . No action is
required on your part, but we want you to be aware that afterward the
URL you see in your browser will be different from what you see
before. The general appearance of webmail will remain the same, and
if you use an old bookmark you will automatically be redirected to the
new URL.

Both the old and new SDSC webmail web servers use https to secure your
e-mail as you read it, and your browser should always display an
unbroken padlock icon when you use webmail. Please be sure to enter
your password only when the padlock icon is displayed to indicate a
secure connection.

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