SDSC Outage Notification – Datacenter Partial Power Loss ~16:00, 6 Jan 2016

Key services have been restored. Please contact datacenter operations or your SDSC system administrators if you are experiencing any lingering issues.

Update [23:00]: All commvault services have been restored.

Update [20:35]: Commvault backups from cvma4 are working. The media agent cvma3 is still down and operations is assisting in rebooting/recovery of the system.

Update [19:30]: Oracle, mysql and web services have been restored.

Update [18:01]: UPS has been placed into bypass. Systems are beginning to boot. As key services are restored, we will update their status here.

Update [17:26]: UPS technicians are on site. Affected systems include portions of the west datacenter — SDSC east datanceter, offices and wireless are online.

Update [17:05]: A UPS failure occurred and responding technicians are en route. The technicians may be delayed by the inclement weather.



Original post [16:35]:The datacenter experienced partial power loss at approximately 16:00 PST this evening. Operators are working to restore power.

An update will be posted here when more information is known.

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