SDSC Planned Maintenance – East Data Center emergency power – 25 Feb, 2017, 0600

All power has been restored and is stable.  No further power interruptions are expected.  I will send another notice when loads are protected and all operations have returned to normal.




We have energized two of the three PDU units, but the third has come back with a major alarm.  Troubleshooting will continue.  If your power is on at this time, the maintenance window has completed regarding power interruption, and you should see no further interruptions.

UPS commissioning has commenced and we expect loads to be Emergency-protected power between 2000 and 2100 this evening.




We are currently targeting 1630 for power on.  We need that additional 30 minutes for testing.  Thank you for your patience.



We are currently within the maintenance window of 0600 – 1600 for today’s power maintenance. Updates will come as they are available.

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  1. Jeff Filliez

    We have need to extend this maintenance window for an additional 30 minutes for some testing. Thank you for your patience.

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