Monthly Archive: December 2016

SDSC Outage Notification – limited Linux guest outage – 14 Dec 2016, 19:45

[Update, 00:05, 15 Dec 2016] guest ‘rupee’ is now online. [Update, 23:37] All guests except ‘rupee’ are online. Please contact support with any issues or concerns [Update, 22:05] Engineers replaced the faulty disk controller and verified the guests function. Guests were then shut down again so that engineers can perform a reboot and ensure the …

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SDSC Planned Maintenance – Linux patch/reboot – 20 Dec 2016, 17:00-23:00

[Update, 20 Dec 2016, 23:08] All maintenance is complete. Please contact the support team with any questions or concerns —– Colleagues: On Tuesday, 20 December 2016 between 17:00 and 23:00, general system maintenance, including patching and reboots, will occur for the following systems. Systems will be unavailable during reboots. Please save all work prior to …

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