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Completed Events

SDSC Emergency Maintenance – Linux patch/reboot – 17:00-23:00, 9 Jan 2018

SDSC will be applying critical patches to the Linux environment tonight, 9 January 2018, starting at 17:00. This maintenance will require a reboot of all systems listed below. Many of these systems were patched previously, but are on a shared virtualization platform that requires further patching. The core NFS server, ‘rickwood’, will be rebooted at …

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SDSC Emergency Maintenance – Windows patch/reboot – 17:00-23:00, 5 Jan 2018

This notification is to inform you that on Friday, January 5th, at 5PM, IT Systems will be patching all SDSC-managed AD Windows desktop and laptops against the recent Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilities. The installation of the patches should take approximately 1 hour and will require at least one reboot when completed. We strongly encourage all users with …

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SDSC Emergency Maintenance – Linux patch/reboot – 19:00-23:00, 4 Jan 2018

[Update – 21:19] All patches and reboots are complete. Please contact with any questions or concerns. —- SDSC will be applying critical patches to the Linux environment tonight, 4 January 2018, starting at 19:00. This maintenance will require a reboot of all systems listed below. Updates will be posted here during the maintenance window. …

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SDSC Network Maintenance – Routers and Top-of-Rack switches – 27 Dec 2017

[update – 12:58, 27 Dec 2017] Only the L47 top-of-rack switchgroup is down. All other groups have been patched and successfully rebooted. [update – 12:07, 27 Dec 2017] All router maintenance is complete. Top-of-rack switches are still being rebooted. — We have scheduled a major maintenance/upgrade for our SDSC core network on Wednesday, December 27th, …

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SDSC Operations Phone Outage – 27 Dec 2017

SDSC Operations was informed that the primary operations phone line – 858-534-5090 – is down. We are attempting to contact someone with UCSD telecom to get this resolved, but due to the holiday campus closure this may not be resolved immediately. Fortunately we have two phones in operations, so for emergency issues, first please attempt …

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Network Outage – UCSD colocation customers behind the firewall

UPDATE: 12/22 @ 1540 – Network is stable.  Emergency ticket has been resolved.   12/22 @ 1525 – The network is now stabilized as of 1515, and we believe we have isolated the issue.  ITS Datacom and Security continue to investigate root cause.   12/22 @ 1420 – We have had reports of connectivity issues …

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Outage Notification – VMWare hypervisor failure – 22 Nov 2017

At approximately 10:20am on 22 Nov 2017 a hypervisor within the VMWare infrastructure suffered a loss of network connectivity. During this outage some of the hosted VM system may have experienced disk outage. SDSC engineers are rebooting affected systems and notifying customers directly. Once a complete list of affected systems is compiled, this status update …

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SDSC Planned Maintenance – Linux Patch/Reboot – 21 Nov 2017 – 17:00-23:00

[Update : 13:32, 9 Nov 2017] The host list has been updated to reflect all systems needing maintenance — On Tuesday, 21 November 2017 between 17:00 and 23:00, general system maintenance, including patching and reboots, will occur for the following systems. Systems will be unavailable during reboots. Please save all work prior to the 17:00 …

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**UPDATE: UPS maintenance, Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 @ 7am**

***COMPLETED*** [Update on 10/31 @ 1436] Maintenance on the units is completed for today.  Please note that another window is posted for 11/17 @ 8am.   Due to some emergency calls in the county, our contractors got a late start on this maintenance this morning.  We will still use the window until 1600 today, and …

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SDSC Outage Notification – (Sharepoint) – 21:12, 19 Oct 2017

[Update: 22:43, 19 Oct 2017] The Sharepoint site is now up and sites have been verified. —- The SDSC Sharepoint site,, is unavailable. Engineers are investigating the cause.

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