SDSC PM Notification: 12/20/2011, 5:00pm-7:00pm, VM guest disk

December 20th at 5PM, IT Systems will be migrating the VM disk for the
SDSC samba services, the FlexLM license server and the general linux login
machine to the new NFS file system. During this time all access to the
samba drives both internal
and external will be unavailable. Please make sure that any connections
to this service are closed before the maintenance window, or any work may
be lost.

During this maintenance window the general linux login machine will be
unavailable. Please quit any connections before that time as they will be
dropped when the machine gets shut down.

Also during this time the FlexLM license server for the Maya software will
be unavailable. No new licenses will be able to be checked out during this

Colby Walsworth
SDSC IT Systems
Unix Systems Administrator

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