SDSC Event Notification: August 30, 2012, Retiring legacy gateways

Title: SDSC Event Notification: August 30, 2012, Retiring legacy gateways
Description: On 30 August 2012, SDSC will remove gateway IP addresses for many networking subnets. This affects many subnets including self-managed networks with names such as “Outback”, “External Server Net” and “Conference Net”. The proper gateway will be the first allowed host IP within a given subnet (e.g.

SDSC managed services including general purpose login machines (Citrix, merrimac, multivac, pauline) and mail servers will be verified prior to this date and will not have service interruptions.

Please verify you are using the correct gateway on all systems you directly manage.

Excel format : https://cloud.sdsc.edu/v1/AUTH_itsystems/public_documents/gateway-modifications.xls

CSV Format : https://cloud.sdsc.edu/v1/AUTH_itsystems/public_documents/gateway-modifications.csv

The new gateways are in place now and you can update system(s) at your convenience. Any legacy gateways will be discontinued at 9am on 8/30/2012.

If your vlan/address range is not listed, you shouldn’t be affected by this change.

Questions should be directed to the designated support contact:
Colocation / datacenter operations : operator@sdsc.edu or 858.534.5090
Hosted services / managed servers : support@sdsc.edu or 858.534.8334
Start Time: 09:00
Date: 2012-08-30

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