SDSC Emergency Maintenance – CDS2 UPS (West Colo UPS) – 13 Jun 2016, 06:00-22:00

[Update 14:34, 13 Jun 2016] – The UPS placed back in production. All work on the room cooling was completed and tested. Systems are functioning normally.

[Update 09:40, 13 Jun 2016] – SDSC engineering staff indicates that work is progressing faster than expected and a significantly earlier return to service may occur.

UCSD Facilities Management has detected a leaking/failing cooling coil on the air handling unit serving the “CDS2” UPS room. The unit must be replaced ASAP to prevent total failure and potential flooding of the space. This will require a ~16 hour outage for the replacement of the coil to occur. In order to prevent any heat-related damage to the UPS units themselves and/or their batteries, the system will be placed into maintenance bypass for the duration of the repair window.

**This operation will be transparent to all users, and no services will be effected**

The only consequence of this maintenance will be that systems will not have battery backup available during the window. The system will be placed into bypass at 6am on Monday, June 13th, and placed back into service upon completion and testing of the new coil.

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