SDSC Planned Maintenance – Limited West Datacenter Power Outage – 30 Aug 2016, 08:00-14:00

[Update, 10:15] All maintenance has been completed and power is stable. Please contact SDSC Operations with questions or concerns

[Update, 09:34] Power to the BROWN power system has been restored. Remaining power maintenance to the other UPS-backed systems is expected to take place at 10:00.

[Update, 08:28] The power maintenance began at 08:05 and is progressing as expected.

On 30 August 2016, between 08:00 and 14:00, the SDSC Datacenter will undergo the first of two outages necessary to upgrade the CDS2 power system. In order to accomplish this upgrade, many datacenter racks will be temporarily powered off, or lose one leg of power within the rack.

List of racks that will be powered off during the outage window:
T-BB18, H18, K18, DD-KK31, S-V36, BB36, AA39, HH-KK39, R-HH44, E-HH47, X-Z52, BB52, S-BB55, R-DD60, K-T63, EE-FF63, R-DD68, X71, AA-CC71, K-P77, R77

Racks that will lose power redundancy:
N-Z26, N-Z29, U-CC63, Networking core row 77

When power is returned on the afternoon of Aug 30, all of the power legs served by CDS2 UPS backup power will be served by street power only. A subsequent outage in 5-6 weeks will reconnect a new UPS system.

Please contact SDSC Datacenter Operations with questions.

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