“SDSC” Wireless retirement – 29 March 2017

As stated in a previous email, a recent security audit of SDSC, sponsored by UCOP, identified several findings associated with the SDSC Wireless system (SDSC SSID). In order to remediate the findings related to the SDSC Wireless System, SDSC will retire its SDSC specific wireless SSID on March 29th.

One issue brought forward is access to SDSC printers. The SDSC Help Desk is working with Staff who have identified this as an issue. Another issue identified was access to the private addresses from the SDSC Wireless SSID. An alternative access method is being implemented for those Staff with this requirement.

If there are any other issues related to the retirement of the SDSC Wireless SSID, which have not been brought forward to be addressed, the SDSC Help Desk.

If you currently make use of the SDSC wireless SSID, we ask that you switch over to the UCSD-PROTECTED wireless SSID prior to the March 29th deadline.

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